Slingshots Prices

Are you prepared to have the time of your life? For all those seeking a fast ride that will catch everyone’s attention, reserve your slingshot today.

  Daily Prices  ( 10am – Return 10pm )

    • $295 ( Manual )

    • $340 ( Automatic )

*Please Note:

Must be at least 25 years old to rent vehicle. 

$25 insurance fee will be added to the final bill as well as $1,500 hold on your Credit/Debit Card when Slingshot is picked up. Release upon vehicle return.

*Helmet rental $15.

Surprise your family & friends by purchasing a gift card. Happy Holidays!

City Wide Slingshots servicing the NY. We also love the feel of the wind hitting us, while pushing our slingshots to their max. Slingshots have been known to cause high levels of adrenaline and instances of feeling cool.

Contact us: 347-593-5712

See What People Frequently Ask Us


How can I rent one?

Our main location in Queens NY:

10243 Jamaica Ave. Woodhaven, NY 11408

Book on our Website.

Where can I pick up my rental?

Slingshot rentals will be delivered to:
10243 Jamaica Ave. Woodhaven, NY 11408

What if I want a tour or guide

Were more than happy to reserve a guide with your slingshot rental. You can see the best sites and views while our driver does all the work.

How fast is the Slingshot?

Going from 0-60 in under 4.3 seconds, the Slingshot tops out at a max speed of 220MPH.

*With a 5-Speed Manual Transmission

Where can I rent a car?

At the moment we are only renting slingshots in the NY.

What happens if I get a ticket?

You will be held responsible for any traffic violations and damages that occur during rental of slingshot.